The Cygnus Awards 2014 Finalists – Official List

Sci-Fi Fantasy ContestsThe results for the 2014 Cygnus Awards Finalists are in.

The Cygnus Awards recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of  SciFi & Fantasy Fiction. It is a division of Chanticleer Book Reviews Blue Ribbon Awards Writing Competitions.

The Cygnus Awards has eight sub-genres which are:  Steampunk, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mythological, Soft Sci-Fi/Young Adult, and Speculative Fiction.

Congratulations are in order for the following authors who made it to the Short List, The Cygnus 2014 FINALISTS OFFICIAL LIST:

  • Selah J. Tay-Song for Dreams of a Vast Blue Cavern
  • Robert L. Slater for All is Silence
  • Yuan Jur for Citadel 7, Earth’s Secret: Enemy of Existence
  • Ryan Henry for Betrayal on Triton
  • V. Lakshman for Mythborn:  Rise of the Adepts
  • Sara Stamey for The Ariadne Connection
  • D. C. for Prodigy Genius
  • Michael Simon for Natural Selection
  • H. G. Bleackley for ISO
  • Jane Baskin for The New Earth:  Rhapsody
  • Tom and Nancy Wise for The Borealis Genome
  • Laura Burroughs for The Foxes of Caminus
  • Sherrill Nilson for Karda:  Adalta
  • Jianna Higgins for Filled to Completion
  • Simone Pond for The City Center
  • Robert Carrell for The Pinks and the Kinks
  • Samantha Bryant for Going Through the Change
  • Ryan Henry for Betrayal on Titan
  • James Zerndt for The Cloud Seeders
  • James Musgrave for Jane the Grabber
  • J. M. Salyards for Shadow of the Last Man
  • Michael Suma for Natural Selection
  • Time Vander Meulin for A Humble Heart
  • Christopher Pepper for Outrider Legion
  • Allen W. Johnson for Blood Line Secrets
  • Paul C. Breslin for Observer of the First Order
  • Zachary J. Kitchen for The Unbeliever
  • Alisse Lee Goldenberg for The Strings of a Violin
  • Lorrie Farrelly for Time Lapse
  • Jessica Schaub for Gateways
  • Jamie Smith for Shadow Wars:  The Arcana
  • Richard Pulfer for Godtown
  • Michael Murphey for About Time
  • Terri-Lynn DeFino for Beyond the Gate
  • Robert G. Ferrell for Goblinopolis
  • Michael Wolff for Smoke and Mirrors
  • Joannah Miley for The Immortal Game
  • Brett A. Lawrence for The Shadow Guardians
  • Jesikah Sundin for Legacy:  The Biodome Chronicles
  • Ashland Menshouse for The Last Guardian and Keeper of the Magi

Finalists will continue on to compete for a first place category win in their sub-genre, and then for the overall grand prize of the 2014 Cygnus Awards. First place category winners will receive an award package including a complimentary book review, digital award badges, shelf talkers, book stickers, and more.

 We are now accepting submissions into the Cygnus Awards 2015. Deadline is January 31, 2015. 



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