The Dante Rossetti Awards 2014 for Young Adult Novels – Official Finalist List

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Congratulations to the Dante Rossetti Awards 2014 Young Adult Novel Competition Finalists! These finalists will go on to compete for the coveted First-in-Category positions. Chanticleer Reviews Writing Competitions awards more than $25,000 in cash and prizes annually. We are now accepting entries for the Dante Rossetti Awards 2015 Writing Competition until April 30, 2015.

An Editorial Review of “Double or Nothing” by Meg Mims

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The mystery is set during the rough and tumble California mining days of 1869. Meg Mims vividly brings these times to life with her accurate historical research and her clear and striking imagery of bustling towns, dangerous quicksilver mines, and rugged landscapes. An entertaining Western mystery read with just the right amount of romance.

An Editorial Review of “Ephemeral Palaces” by Nancy Foshee

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Shakespearean charades and surprises ensue when one of the Chicago’s most prominent and most eligible young heiresses, Alexandra Schaffer, beguiles an up-and-coming young architect, Logan McConnell. Foshee adds elements of mystery and suspense, with a dash of ominous threats to this cozy romantic story that takes place in the shadows of Chicago World's Fair during the Gilded Age. An engaging historical novel that was well-researched and a pleasure for this reviewer to have read.

An Editorial Review of “Artemis Rising” by Cheri Lasota

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Rendered with a lush and lyrical touch, this Y/A historical fantasy depicts the romantic yearnings of two innocent lovers, both dedicated to and trapped by the belief that they embody tragic figures from myth and legend.This well-written and crisply paced novel mixes the two myths: one Greek, the other of the canon of Arthurian literature.