A disturbing but elucidating glimpse into a time and place when, even in a civilized country, poor children’s lives were shockingly undervalued, and their labor exploited. A.M. Watson delivers a welcome ray of hope shining through to the conclusion of this haunting saga.

Set in the 1940s streets of New York City, love might just be the thing to heal two broken souls.

In a post-apocalyptic world, those who prepare are those who survive. A thought-provoking carefully plotted read by two authors you’ll want to know.

A rich serving of a thriller, The Moving Blade is a well-cooked and tasty sukiyaki of a novel, written by an American who knows Japan well.

Nealy Monaghan must struggle to learn who she was, before she can become who she was always meant to be in Joy Ross Davis’ Countenance.”

A modern masterpiece, Dracul is everything horror can and should be. It doesn't rely on gore, but rather captivating storytelling; and yet, the terror and intrigue are unrelenting.

Clark offers no downtime for his readers: plot, characters, atmosphere, setting, and pacing coalesce into a smooth, captivating read that’s hard to put down. Our advice? Clear your calendar, turn off the phone, lock the door, and enjoy.

Brilliantly plotted with more twists and turns than an angry rattlesnake, Crockett gives us thrills and chills in her award-winning novel, Do Not Assume.

Of all the lives lived upon this earth, to share one so full of wonder is a gift to us all. A magnificent storyteller brings his memoir to life in Persistence of Light. Highly recommended

An epic journey back to the post-war world of the 1920’s and Marie Durant Chagall and those around her must find meaning in life again. Every aspect of human nature and the desire to rebuild lives is explored in this novel including the importance of family, whether blood relatives or chosen families. Here we have an incredible exploration into whether love can indeed conquer all.

Back Story Alaska is a collection of exhilarating and humorous first hand-account of one man’s passion for introducing travelers to the beautiful and largely unspoiled wilderness of the 49th state. Filled with memorable encounters and integrated poetry from seasoned outdoorsman Lance Brewer and brilliant color photos from the renowned photographer, Bob Dreeszen.

All Sorrel Janes wants to do is vanish...but not the way others have planned. The third book in the Sorrel Janes Mystery Series is a hit! Readers will be begging for more.

Explore the Universe with loveable characters in this delightfully informative and fun adventure read-along book for children 3-8 years old.

A steamy, intelligent historical fiction set in the Arizona desert where the harsh environment matches the characters who populate it. Can two wounded souls find each other and flourish? Find out in Kristy McCaffrey’s hard to put down, fourth book in the Winds of the West series, The Blackbird.

An engaging and approachable treatise on the role of a Divine Creator not only in science but in the very universe in which we live.

When the U.S. government goes awry, the Texas Rangers step in to clean it up. This third book in The Patriot series, Purge on the Potomac, is a present-day political thriller that will have fans casting their vote for more.

A beautifully dark, intelligent and psychological romance about two tormented souls searching for the truth. Highly recommended.

Brilliant first in the series literary novel about a man who lived life to the fullest and found himself along the way.

Romance, typhoons, and exotic scenery highlight this exceptional sea-faring memoir about love and surviving loss by Pacific Northwest author, Theresa Mathews.