A stunning and brilliantly captured tale of one woman’s bravery and strength in the face of the societal norms of British India at the turn of last century.

This Jonathan Moore third-in-series historical novel weaves seamlessly through high-seas adventures and cloak and dagger tea parties where keen wits and sharpened swords will entertain and enlighten readers of all ages.

A thrilling conclusion to an ecological thriller with science so spot on, readers won’t be surprised when the events begin to unfold in real life - from one of our favorite authors. It’s fiction until it happens!

A complex, 11th-century historical fiction with plenty of adventure and heart, substance-rich in themes of the universality of the world’s great religions.

A military romance, based on the lives of real people, set stateside during WWII.

A futuristic American Gothic dark fantasy about a gumshoe who can’t say no, even though at times, he ought to. Delightful!

A hauntingly romantic mystery that is impossible to put down.

A vital resource for all who are serious about financial independence.

A reluctant psychic grapples with lost love, betrayal, and murder. It is only when she opens her heart and accepts her gift that she can heal the heartaches of the living---and the dead.

A metaphysical blend of story and truth as one individual considers how his actions will affect the world. A book that will stay with readers long after they put it down, an excellent piece of literature.

After a devastating loss, 16-year-old Gertie is tossed into a Sanitorium in 1957 where she must advocate not only for herself but for others who are brutally mistreated. Highly recommended.

Trayner Bane excels presenting pertinent topics to his middle-grade audiences in a manner in which they can be received. Highly recommended!

We here at Chanticleer Reviews have had the honor of reviewing top novels by written by outstanding authors whose stories enlighten, remind,  empathize, and creates a better understanding with those who have served in the armed forces. It is our pleasure to share these titles with you.

Can justice be found in a Texas courtroom? Samantha Tulley is the best defense attorney for the job, but when a judge wants her off the case, the sentence she receives may very well be death.

A lifeline for those in desperate need of help from addiction towards recovery.

A bold look at the polarizing attitudes and policies in the United States today, how we got here, and what our future may hold.

A young woman proves her metal and exposes corruption on and off the field in the world of youth sports. An important and fascinating read for coaches, parents, and players alike.

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Medieval European life swirls with unexpected and perilous events; a welcome and brilliant third book in the Lions & Lilies Saga, The Gilded Crown by Catherine T. Wilson and Catherine A. Wilson.

A disturbing but elucidating glimpse into a time and place when, even in a civilized country, poor children’s lives were shockingly undervalued, and their labor exploited. A.M. Watson delivers a welcome ray of hope shining through to the conclusion of this haunting saga.