Traveling the Mother Road—Route 66—Charlie swaps his oppressive family for an offbeat cast of characters and learns about freedom, love, and how to stand up for himself in Elizabeth Barlo's Ruth 66.

Obsession and dedication go hand in hand in Kathe McGuire's The Harriet Club, a gritty Y/A mystery thriller set in the shadow of San Francisco.

Gloria Two-Feathers comes from a combined Scottish and Native American heritage and studied extensively with a Lakota elder. Story-telling springs naturally from her background, allowing her to create, in Tallulah’s Flying Adventure, a tale ideal for reading aloud and sure to engage the reader as much as the listener.

Colleen Golden's prose is imbued with a wistful nostalgia, so perfect for a book that considers the variedness of life and the questions of death. While we don't know all the answers, The Well helps us realize that because "love makes a good conduit," the possibilities are, indeed, endless.

Helena P. Schrader reminds us that each passing moment is also history. To understand the events reported on the front pages of today's newspapers, there's no greater teacher than the past. This novel is filled with lessons we'd be foolish to neglect.

Can love blossom between the most unlikely pair in a multi-cultural, tension-ripe environment? Author J.L. Oakley breathes life into an often forgotten part of Pacific Northwest history in her beautifully penned novel, Mist-chi-mas: A Novel of Captivity.

Funny, compassionate and endearing The Deep End is a well-crafted cozy, with just a touch of the exotic life, murder and mayhem, and the Bundt cake brigade to hook readers into devouring the rest of Julie Mulhern’s series, The Country Club Murders.

The Apprentice transports the reader to a raw, natural world, one with fields of sweet smelling sage, soaring hawks and diving falcons. The language and beauty of the sport of falconry is woven expertly into the narrative, providing the reader a glimpse into a rarified world while providing believable, relatable characters.

A couple struggles with a cancer diagnosis, facing and overcoming a mountain of emotional challenges.

All aboard! All aboard! If you’re an adventurer with a keen sense of putting the universe to rights, come aboard this new middle-grade romp through our wacky solar system for a journey your lifetime. With all fun this book offers, you won’t want to miss the ride!

A killer is on the loose in Austin, Texas, one who brings down Old Testament-style justice onto the criminal elements of the city. Highly intellectual and thrillingly captivating, Jim Weber delivers a hard-boiled crime thriller, a page-turning masterpiece of the first order.

Master storyteller, Janet Shawgo, weaves a tale of suspense and terror in her latest novel, Archidamus, a thriller about a man who never forgives and never forgets and the two agents who hunt him.

A rollicking fun and seriously addictive read! Fairy tales, myths, and folklore collide and with a twist and adroit humor and unexpected poignancy.

Babylonian astrology and Jewish mysticism combine with Roman history to create a timeless story of passion and fate in Chuck Gould’s The Rabbi’s Gift.

Starts with a bulls-eye and enthralls to the last page. It’s tough to put down, so arrange your schedule accordingly. You’ll be waiting for Beveridge’s next book.

If you’re hungry for a fast, fun and deadly cozy mystery, Amy Beth Arkawy’s "Dead Silent," the second book in the Eliza Gordon Mystery series is what’s on the menu.

In this highly emotive memoir, a couple’s shared commitment to improvement takes longer and hurts more than originally planned, but the result is a new, better and brighter promise—one that can endure in Destiny Allison’s The Romance Diet.

A murder mystery that is rich in character studies, historical WWI & WWII accounts, and plot twists. Brigitte Goldstein is an author to watch.

The story behind any war is a difficult one to tell. "A Cherry Blossom" in Winter by Ron Singerton takes us into not just one, but two, cultures at the turn of the last century in an attempt to show us both sides of a decisive naval conflict that would shape both countries and people for years to come.

A brilliant deviant suspect, diverse elements of surprise, multiple threads challenge PI Jeff Dawes in this gripping thriller!