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Make room on your bookshelf next to Nancy Drew! Here comes a new series perfect for today’s young mystery fan. Samantha Wolf tackles ghosts, vandals, and a creepy sense that someone or something is watching her every move!

Lee Carruthers will tantalize and dazzle, just before she knocks the crap out of you. Exciting, intelligent and brilliantly delivered political thriller!

A light-hearted amusing children’s tale complete with damsels in distress and a boy-knight destined to save the world from doom. Bane has done it again!

Hopkins painfully honest experience in a dark and sometimes violent sub-culture drives his passion to help others discover and honor their true selves in his inspiring memoir.

A poignant, evocative, and unrelentingly realistic story of a doctor's dedication, its rewards, and its potential toll. This could be one of the most important books that you could read in 2018.

A beautifully illustrated story about unlikely friendship and good neighbors for the very young and old alike. A joy to experience!

Hope, healing, and devotion amidst grief, disappointment and loss elevates this memoir into a comforting, compassionate spiritual journey.

Be ready for an intelligent and frightening ride, as familiar characters come close and personal in this third installment of John D. Trudel’s heart-stopping, political thriller.

Action-packed Science-Fiction, Mystery-Thriller, this gem delivers a nail-biting ride right to your doorstep – 400 years in the future, on a lonely station on one of Jupiter’s moons.

An accomplished Search and Rescue team leader finds more on her plate than snowmobile accidents and avalanches in this fast-paced, tantalizing Cozy Mystery. A perfect read to snuggle up to this winter from the comfort of your reading chair.

A colorful, thoughtful book with a powerful message encouraging children of all ages that in order to flourish, they only need to be themselves.

Larger-than-life storytelling at it's best as epic villains and courageous heroes face off in the first book in The Spirit Shield Saga, an entertaining and spell-binding Y/A Fantasy for all ages.

Kidnapping becomes personal for our anti-hero P.I. Dyke as he races to rescue those he loves and those he cannot live without.

Engaging, stimulating, and action-packed, "Mistress Suffragette" examines the facts of life, the challenges of social restrictions, and the woes of youthful love through the eyes of a sharp-minded, sharp-shooting young woman.

In a realm tipping on the brink of destruction, can one young troubadour fulfill the legend of old and bring peace with her song magick?

A metaphysical blend of story and truth as one individual considers how his actions will affect the world. A book that will stay with readers long after they put it down, an excellent piece of literature.

Money cannot buy enlightenment, but for those who struggle to reclaim one nation's equality, gold is the currency that will drive two overzealous men on a journey to uncover hidden treasure for the benefit of all. A rich and spectacularly vivid, multi-faceted literary mystery for seekers and skeptics alike.

Secret assassins, notorious secrets, steamy passion nights abound on this luxury Caribbean cruise - an exhilarating thriller!

An intelligent and futuristic new YA series! Quasi-Orwellian realm riddled with a sinister and oppressive regime - Enthralling!

Laugh-fest of entertaining unusual creatures, & magical powers -a barrage of jokes about yucky smells & "tootacularity" that raises real issues for young people.