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Books by the Bay 2018

The Books By the Bay Fair

A free and local celebration of books, authors, and readers

Our fully staffed book room is a showcase of books by the attendees and presenters of the Chanticleer Author Conference (#CAC18). Among them are local authors, authors from around world, award-winners and best-sellers. The book room will be open to the public and selling books all weekend, culminating in our Book Fest “meet the author” event on Sunday 1-4pm. We welcome readers of all ages to come and join us in supporting this talented line up of authors. If you see your favorite author here, feel free to tweet them and ask when they will be autographing at #CAC18. And if you don’t see your favorite author here, also feel free to tweet them and recommend they attend #CAC18!

Buying Books BBB CAC15Our thanks to Village Books for being our bookseller!


Book Room Hours: Saturday, April 21 – Sunday, April 22nd, 11am-6pm. Open until “late” Saturday for the awards gala & closes 4pm on Sunday. (Open to Public all weekend)

Book Fest Hours: Sunday 1-4 pm. (Meet the authors event, with book signings, readings, etc.)

Location: Hotel Bellwether Ballroom on Beautiful Bellingham Bay

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Free parking!

The Book Room is a free and family-friendly event, open to the public all weekend. Authors will be around–attending the #CAC18 conference. Ask book room staff to point them out to you or help you get an autograph. The main event, where most authors will be on hand doing signings, readings, etc. will be Sunday 1-4pm.

Questions? See our FAQ

Our Authors from 2017 — We will be posting 2018 authors as they are registered.

Bob Anderson, Little Rhino Coloring Books

sharon2014-31-of-48 Sharon E. Anderson, Paranormal RomCom author.

Pamela Beason, Mystery, Suspense & YA Author.

Alice K. Boatwright Mystery and literary fiction writer


SusanBrownephotoJune 2013 Susan Colleen Browne, Irish Romance author.

cardilloLinda Cardillo, Historical Fiction author.

Dennis M. Clausen, Literary & Memoir author.

Susan Marie Conrad, Travel Adventure author.

Eileen Cook, Multi-published Thriller author.

sara-dahmenSara Dahmen, Historical American West author.

defee Ann DeFee, Romance & Magical Realism author

 Wendy Delaney, Cozy Mystery Series author

Lonna Enox, Mystery Thriller series author

 Nicole Evelina, Historical Fiction author

Susan Faw, Fantasy Fiction author

Kalen Vaughan Johnson, Historical Fiction

 Juliette Haegglund, Cooking and World Foods author

Gail Avery Halverson, Historical Romance author

C.C. Humphreys, Historical Fiction author.

Judith Kirscht, contemporary fiction author.

 Judith Laik, Historical Romance author.

 James Conroyd Martin, Historical Fiction author.

Kathy L. Murphy, Inspirational author & Book Club Diva.

J.L. Oakley, Historical Fiction series author.

cherie_oboyleCherie O’Boyle, Mystery Series author.

Conon Parks, Literary Adventure Fiction author.

kelly-peterson Kelly Peterson, Healthy Cookbook author.

 Gregory E. Phillips, Historical Fiction & Religious author.

Michelle Rene, Historical, Humor & SFF author.

Denise Ditto Satterfield, Children’s author.

macs Mary Ann Clarke Scott, Romance & Women’s Fiction author.

 Janet K. Shawgo, Historical Romance author.

Robert Slater author of ALL IS SILENCE Robert L. Slater, YA Science Fiction author.

Jessica H. Stone, Women’s Literary Fiction author.

Jesikah Sundin, YA Science Fiction Author

S. E. Swapp, Historical Mystery author.

Keith Tittle, Historical Fiction & Mainstream author.

trudelJohn D. Trudel, Cyber Thriller Series author.

Kate Vale, Women’s Fiction & Romance author.

Lawrence Verigin, Eco Thriller Series author.




More authors added every day! Last updated 1/3/16.

Authors: If your name isn’t up here yet, it should be soon, but please feel free send us a reminder that you will be attending. Also, if you see your name but no link to your website, that is because we can’t find it!

FAQs about Books By the Bay Book Fair

General Questions:

Q: When will the book room be open? 

The Book Room will be OPEN to the PUBLIC from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily on  Saturday, and Sunday 11a.m. until 4 p.m.

Q: Where will the Book Room be located?

The Book Room will be located in the enclosed atrium of the Hotel Bellwether Ballroom. Public restrooms and free parking are available to participants and attendee. The atrium will be locked each evening and will be open by 9 a.m. for staff and attending authors. The book room staff (supplied by Village Books) will be available in the mornings for authors to drop off books from 9 a.m. until 10 a.m. each day and to prepare for the day.

Q: When will the Festival activities be (signings, readings, meet the author, drawings and prizes)?

The Book Fest activities will be mostly happening from 1-4 pm on Sunday. But the Book Room will be open to the public all weekend.

Q: Will all the authors listed above be at the Book Fest to sign my books?

Most of them should be, but we can’t guarantee all of them will. Some of them may have travel plans that interfere. If you have a favorite you may want to follow them on Twitter or contact them ahead of time. If we make an alternate date for their book signing we won’t be able to advertise it, but they will probably be happy to tell you when to find them during the weekend.

Author Specific Questions:

Q: How will sales be handled?

Books will be available for purchase through Village Books according the agreement signed by the author.

Q: How do I sign my book up for Books By the Bay?

All authors who register for CAC18 are eligible to have their books in the book room, and we will send out instructions for how to sign up with Village Books as soon as we have worked out those instructions. If it goes like last year, you will contact Village books to provide your books information and enter into an agreement with them. Most authors will bring or ship their own books, for those who must go through a publisher you can arrange to have Village Books order them.

Q: Does this mean left over books will go to Village Books to be sold after Books by the Bay?

Village Books is in no way signing up to carry your books in their store–that is a separate process which they will gladly discuss with you. Those books left after Books by the Bay are the author’s responsibility. If the author does not make arrangements to take them away, they will be disposed of with no compensation. BUT, the top 5 selling books of Books by the Bay will be featured in Village Books (so work that elevator pitch to everyone you meet at CAC18!)


Q: When may I do an author signing, or reading? 

During the Book Fest 1-4 on Sunday. We will have more information for you when you arrive, but please be aware we have limited space for readings so we can’t guarantee there won’t be a little foot traffic in the reading area. If you will not be in attendance during these hours please let us know and we may be able to arrange a special time for you, but most of the reader traffic will be on Sunday, so do try to make it then.

villagebooksAuthors! Start your engines! The top 5 selling books at the book fair will be featured in Village Books after the event as a “Books by the Bay Bestseller.”