Reviews & Manuscript Services

A professional book review is a key author tool, useful for getting noticed by readers, agents, and publishers, as well as increasing book sales. Editorial reviews help readers make a decision in that crucial moment when they are holding your book in their hands and making that decision to buy.

Our manuscript overviews and editorial assistance can help your book get ready for publishing.

We offer top-level editorial services for fiction books and narrative non-fiction works.

Chanticleer's editors have worked and are working for top publishers in the United States and in the United Kingdom such as MacMillan, Hachette, Thomas Mercer, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, TOR, Titan U.K., etc., and award-winning independent presses.

Authors and publishers will have access to our Editorial Coordinators to plan rounds of editing, to discuss the next steps in the editorial process, and determine issues and/or goals for the title.

We also have continuity editors on board to assist with serializing your work.

World-building and Story-bible experts are also on the Chanticleer Editorial Team to increase your writing productivity.

So, when you are ready to publish, don't forget to stop by Chanticleer Reviews and let's see where you and your work can go!

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