A visit to Arnold Falls is a smart, funny, effervescent literary escapade well-worth the taking. With Mayberry heart and P'town hipness, this is small-town life at its best. Recommended!

A rich, authentic mystery set in ancient Egypt brought by one who knows her stuff. Archeologist, N.L. Holmes offers up a political thriller that will have readers clamoring for more. One of our new favorites. Highly recommended!

Children and those who love to read to them will delight in this tale of a fox who remakes how the world sees him. Self-respect and determination shine through in this colorful story that will keep little ones busy for hours. Highly recommended.

Are you tired of staying put? We are! While we wait for a new normal to emerge, check out this beautifully written, highly detailed guide through Europe. One of our favorites! Highly recommended.

The heat is on when Kate Anderson’s stalker winds up dead. What’s a girl to do? Mystery fans who like smart, gritty reads with a bit of humor on the side will fall in love with the premiere installment of the Kate Anderson Mysteries. Recommended!

Presenting the Laramie Hall of Fame of Western and American fiction! Also why we named them the Laramie Book Awards along with interesting facts about Laramie, Wyoming, and its historical icons. An interesting read that also honors the Laramie Book Awards winners!

The best in post-World War II espionage thriller novels, Oakley offers another stunningly significant and brilliant Nordic noir we could not put down. Highly recommended!

A deadly storm, a cryptic secret, and one woman who holds the key - only she's deceased. Will her twin be able to unravel the tale and resolve the storm? That's the question in this beautifully penned, dramatic novel. Highly recommended.

Powerful and magical, two young heroes face more than they bargained for in Collins' second book in the Choestoe series. Recommended.

What happens when the sun sets out to destroy us? One family finds out the hard way as they fight against elements, distance, and villains while attempting to reunite in the relative safety of their mountain compound. Thrilling and terrifying - and one of our favorites. Highly recommended!

A trio of magical friends risks everything to uncover the evil that lurks just below the surface in their tiny town. Will they succeed? We tip our hats to the first in a very promising series of magical middle-grade novels and cannot wait to hear more from the intrepid Henry Castlewaite. Recommended.

One survivor’s experience in Auschwitz will remind us all of what must never be allowed to happen again. Highly recommended.

The collateral damage from a freak tornado rips the heart out of Small-Town, America. Who is left and what they reveal has the potential to be even more devastating. Can anyone survive the aftermath? Recommended.

Will love find a way? Lovers of Regency romance will devour this feast of a book.

Suspenseful and steamy, Enthrallment will leave you yearning for more Recommended!

Any soldier in the Civil War would be lucky to have Dr. Abbey Kaplan as their surgeon. Fascinating storytelling. Recommended.

When one woman’s world falls apart, it is in the letting go she rediscovers herself, and the unexpected prophecy that seals her fate. A fantasy romance – perfect for the summer! Recommended.

Hair-raising and fun, this 14th in series, Award-Winning Cozy Mystery will delight fans. A perfect summer read. Recommended!

When the gods come to earth, what help is there for humankind? The answer is the two Spirit Shields, but who they are will surprise and thrill readers. The second in the Spirit Shield Saga will blow your mind! Epic Fantasy Y/A readers' favorite. Recommended!

Prepare to be transported back to seventeenth-century England during a tumultuous period in history for an epic tale of forbidden love and tragic consequences. One of our favorites! Highly recommended!