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So, how do you get a clue? 

A hard-boiled detective pulls his overcoat a little closer, leans against the northern wall at Village Books in downtown Bellingham. Washington. The state.

It’s late. It’s raining. It’s a typical Autumn night in the Pacific Northwest. So, what makes this night different than any other night?

Glad you asked.

Our gumshoe is hot on the trail of those killer stories that make you turn the page. You know the kind, police procedurals, good-man-gone-wrong tales, the who-dun-its and the why-didn’t-I-see-that-coming books that leave you breathless, reaching for the Alka-Seltzer or the next book in the series.

Our gumshoe is nervous, see? He knows there’s more to discover out there, winners, maybe, that are just waiting to be discovered. That’s why he’s standing there, waiting. Oh, just a second… he’s gone now… Guess he got tired of waiting in the rain.

But he left a message…

“Get your manuscripts and novels ready, because the deadline to the 2019 CLUE Awards is coming before you know it. Submit your books and manuscripts to the best book awards on the planet by September 30, 2019, if you know what’s good for you.” 

That was short and sweet. What are you waiting for?

Chanticleer International Book Awards is looking for the very best books dealing with Detectives, P.I.s, Noir – stories that build suspense
and pay off in spades. 

The deadline for the 2019 CIBA CLUE Awards is September 30, 2019.

Submit your work today right here.


We thought you might enjoy some of our past winners…

2018 CIBA Grand Prize Winner in CLUE – Timothy Burgess for California Son

2018 1st Place Category Winners:  (Book reviews are slated for the ones without links). 

  • The Only One Left by Pamela Beason
  • Facing The Dragon by Philip Derrick
  • Forgotten Rage by Melodie Hernandez
  • Do Not Ask by Elaine Williams Crockett
  • Scare Away the Dark: A Stone Suspense by Karen Dodd
  • The Blind Pool by Paul McHugh
  • Hong Kong Central by Marilynn Larew

2017 CIBA Grand Prize Winner in CLUE – Kaylin McFarren for Twisted Threads

2017 1st Place Category Winners: (Book reviews are slated for the ones without links). 

2016 CIBA Grand Prize Winner in CLUE – Keith Tittle for A Matter of Justice

2016 1st Place Category Winners:

2015 CIBA Grand Prize Winner in CLUE – Lonna Enox for Blood Relations

Blood Relations by Lonna Enox

2015 1st Place Category Winners:

2014 CIBA Grand Prize Winner in CLUE – Rachel B. Ledge for The Red Ribbon

The Red Ribbon by Rachel B. Ledge

2014 1st Place Category Winners:

Who is going to take home the Grand Prize for the 2019 CLUE Awards? It could be you! 


The deadline is fast approaching!

Submit your work today right here.